Student employment opportunities

Following is the list of student assistant positions.
Please select the job that you are interested in and Sign in to apply from our online system. School/Office Type Posted date Remarks 
2021-370SERDLab AssistantSeptember 27, 2022 Open
2021-369SERDTechnical SupportSeptember 26, 2022 Open
2021-368SERDResearch AssistantSeptember 26, 2022 Open
2021-362AIT SolutionsResearch AssistantSeptember 19, 2022 Open
2021-360SETTeaching AssistantSeptember 16, 2022 Open
2021-359SETTeaching AssistantSeptember 16, 2022 Open
2021-339UnifiedProject AssistantSeptember 2, 2022 Open